Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Yes...I love my dog! Who wouldn't?

Today after work I took my nephew, Christian out to the dog park with Timber and me. He doesn't get much time to himself without his little brother around. He was more than happy to actually turn off the cartoons and go with me while his brother was out with thier dad for T-ball practice.

After a little bit of time in the dog park section of this community park near Black Diamond Mines in Antioch, Christian was anxious to go play in the sandbox. There weren't a ton of dogs in the park, so it wasn't exciting enough for him I suppose. So here are two of my favorite boys playing in the sand!

***As usual, Timber had give a taste test to the sand!

***Also, to add to his adventurous and "NO FEAR" attitude......Timber climbed up on the play structure with me and went down the big slide with me! My dog rocks! I can't say it enough!!!

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