Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Timber update and other tid-bits

I've decided after a few days of observation of his behavior, Timber is healthy and doesn't need to go get blood work. His appetite has returned and of course he is still energetic. I haven't seen any discolored nasal discharge in quite awhile. I suppose his antibiotics finally did their job after 3 weeks and took to the last minute to show they finally worked!

Yesterday after my visit to my new employer, I had to run out to Martinez to get a new copy of my birth certificate. The moment I need my social security card, I can't find it anywhere. As luck would have it, the alternative documentation for taxes is a birth certificate....and guess where that is? The same place as my social security card!....along with those documents, my pink slip for my car and my marriage license (which I'm not sure I need due to the pending divorce)....But needless to say, I'm frustrated about the missing files... I've searched the boxes in storage, the boxes in the garage and my entire room with no luck. So, I've decided to stop thinking about it and maybe I'll remember where they are when I'm not thinking about it....you know how things like that work. ;-)

....So anyway, back to Timber....I brought him to Martinez with me for the drive, he's a mellow backseat driver and nice company. After dealing with my paperwork and getting a new Birth Certificate copy, I decided to take advantage of the break in rain and let Timber explore the new surroundings.

We went to a park on the harbor and had so much fun getting muddy and wet! Timber chased after the geese and ducks. He ran after them on the beach of a nasty pond and all the way into the water! Then with me in tow...in the soggy, marsh-like grass! We walked out to the rocky shore and without hesitation, Timber climbed the rocks to get to the shore. He fetched sticks that I threw way out in the water. He was soaked from chest down! We ran down the dock, with my shoes sloshing and his paws dripping and scaled the benches. Again, Timber made me proud and got right up on the bench and walked it! He doesn't show any fear for new things and activities...I feel so lucky to have such a great dog.

I don't have any pics of how muddy Timber and I got because we were having way too much fun to take pics! So next time we go I'll take some! ....Of course we are going again! But first, this weekend I'm planning on going to a dog walk activity, so look for pics. :-)

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