Saturday, March 28, 2009

A beautiful afternoon for little league

Today was Patryk's softball game in Antioch. The whole family went, including Timber. Pat played well, he managed to hit the ball 2 times from the pitch (one being a foul ball). He also hit it off the Batting T...since this is "T-ball". lol

The way they play the game is really well thought out for the young group of boys and one girl. There are 2 innings and each child gets a chance to hit with one of their coaches pitching the ball. If they can't get a hit from a pitch, they place the ball on the T and swing until they get a hit. I watched a little of the game and took some pics for my brother. Most of the time though, I walked Timber around and managed the various children at the park as they pet and played with Timber. I think he was the only dog there and he sure got a lot of attention and sticks! He was one happy pup!
Patryk covering 1st base

Pat was more concerned about the dirt on the ground than the ball!
This shot is too cute
For some reason Pat reminds me of Charlie Brown in this pic

Pat hit a foul ball, but ran any way...
Back at bat to try again...
... and again...
...and again...
...until he finally hit it on this swing.
Running to second base...
Don't they look bored? lol

"Give me 10!"
Running home
This little guy, Matthew was consumed with interest for Timber...and staring into my sunglasses....Papa was trying to get a pic of Timber and me, but this little guy came running to pet Timber again. lol
Yep, that's a wooden sword tucked into Bub's shirt. lol

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