Monday, March 9, 2009

Quality time

Today was a bit stressful at my new job. People seeming to be dropping like flys as the "bug" makes its way from one teacher to the next. What a season to be jumping into a new job! I'm learning this new school's processes as I go. I have to say though, the people I work for and with are really great and supportive. I am pretty hard on myself and expect a lot of myself, so things are always a little worse than than they really are in my eyes.

The moment I got home from work, I grabbed Timber and my nephew, Christian tagged along. We intended to find the trails near my house...but with no luck. So back to the dog park at Black Diamond...

Timber, Christian (Bub) and I all needed to get out. Bub is quite the emotional young boy and in great need of one on one time and time to himself. As much as I value my time alone to mellow, I know getting him out, just the three of us does him a world of good...not to mention give my dad a break from Bub's many meltdowns, many of which are a result of his little brother's annoying behaviors that run on an energizer battery! Poor Bub, he starts out so nice and calm when he responds to Patryk, but Pat doesn't let up and eventually Bub snaps!

It's great to see how happy Bub can get around dogs. He loves Timber and today there were a ton of dogs at the park thanks to the nice sunny day....regardless of the chill in the air. Bub was grabbing tennis balls left and right trying so hard to get all of the dogs' attention. Timber sure got a good work-out himself. He was worn out by the time we resigned from the dog area to play in the sandbox.

Our little outing ended up lasting two hours! Bub, Timber and I were the last ones to have dinner when we finally arrived at home about 7 pm
"Play Therapy"
....and he wondered why he had sand inside his socks when we got ready to go home!

Worn out little pup

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