Saturday, March 28, 2009

Timber update: March 28, 2009

Timber is 24 weeks old today. I took him to Petsmart to weigh him and he is still gaining an average of 2 pounds every two weeks. He is weighing in at 55.3 pounds. When I got him at 9 weeks old, he was 16 pounds. His owners said that his mom weighed about 45 pounds and his dad was about 65 pounds. They estimated that he wouldn't be more than 60 pounds. I think he will exceed his father's weight. Chrissy still believes that he will top out at 72 pounds, she has since he first joined our family in December. I decided I'm going to take guesses from my readers for how much they think he will weigh in 6 months.....if I have any readers! Ha Ha!

24 weeks old

9 weeks old

Looking at his pictures side-by-side for the first time...It's amazing how much he's changed.

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