Thursday, March 19, 2009

Workin' Dog

I bought Timber a backpack and decided to give it a try yesterday at the Reservoir in Antioch. I loaded it up with a few hand towels, poop bags and two 16.9 fl oz water bottles, one on each side. He did well and the backpack fit nicely. We hiked/walked for 2 hours and went about 2.5 miles total. About 2/3 of the way through the trip, I was pulling him for once! He certainly got tired...and sweaty under that pack. As for me, my feet hurt like crazy! I thought for sure I was going to be hating life the next day, but I woke up with no aching feet or bones.

At this point, Timber was taking me for a walk and everytime he saw a bird, he had a burst of energy and yanked me in their direction. One day I think he may actually be successful in catching a bird, he's determined.

Timber met his first cow. He was fascinated by them when he saw them in the distance, so I took him up a road where this young cow was grazing near the fence for a closer look.
He was pretty calm most of the time, but when the cow moved slightly in our direction, Timber bounced backwards!
Staring out in the water looking for more birds.

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Anonymous said...

Gracie, my dog, absolutly LOVES cows. Everytime she sees on she goes nuts, even in a car! It is so crazy!