Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Terrible Two's for dogs?

Timber is now 5 1/2 months old and weighing in at 52.6 pounds! He is becoming more defiant and I can't figure out if it has something to do with his age or maybe because I'm gone during the day at work now and not home with him.

How does the age calculation work with dogs? Does five to six months of age in a dog equate to the "terrible two's" in children? I'd certainly like to think so! If it isn't a stage, then that means he is mad at me and is beginning to favor my dad over me since he is home with Timber during the day! What in the world is going on while I'm gone during the day? I need to get a nanny cam!

Speaking of behavioral issues.....when Timber is left home in the backyard and no one is home, he cries constantly according to the neighbor and upon arrival home, we find him scratching at the back door and wall, scratching his toes raw on the stucco! Thus, he must be kenneled when no one is home from now on to prevent him from destroying his paws......he can only blame himself. Ha! As if he would get the connection!
I suppose it's time to suck it up and go take a dog training class... Ugh.
***Maybe I'll wait until after my vacation in Maui since it's three weeks away! Yeah!!!

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