Sunday, August 2, 2009

Baby Jade is 11 weeks old

I took Jade to her first vet visit for her second round of shots yesterday. Timber came along for an update too. When I first got Jade 3 weeks ago, she was 12.6 pounds and now she is weighing in at 19.6 pounds! Seven pounds in 3 weeks! She sure likes to eat! Jade and Timber prefer to eat from the same bowl...which makes it difficult to measure how much each of them are eating daily, but they don't go hungry and the food container is disappearing quickly!

Jade is a little ankle biter and very mouthy. She is so different from Timber when he was a puppy...although, Timber was a rarity, a blessing...very mellow, even still (despite the whining) and never jumped. Jade is improving with discipline from both myself and Timber! If I tell her "No"...Timber will step in and correct her as well with a bite to the neck! LOL So cute!

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