Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Babies and puppies....

Tonight was National Night Out. I decided to take the dogs down the street to the BBQ. This was Jade's first walk, and first time trying out a prong collar. She hasn't reacted positively to the leash during previous trials, so I figured I would try it out to get her started early on training. On the way down the street and around the corner, she hated it. She'd stop mid-walk and I would give her a tug and she would continue. However on the way back home, she trotted along behind Timber with a hop in her step.

The people at the party were loving Timber and Jade, they got a lot of attention! Not to mention there were many children of all ages and babies. It was good social exposure for Jade, she did well.

My neighbor, Marcie's youngest son, Benji has never met a dog before...Timber is a great dog for first timers, he's so gentle...and even Jade did well!

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