Sunday, July 19, 2009

My new pup, Jade

I adopted a puppy from my former dog, Jade's litter. I wanted a girl in case I decided to have Timber and the new dog breed (something I'm not positive I will actually do). Jamie kept 3 of the 10 puppies; one girl and two boys. The owner of the sire, Sparta took home a female pup. This left me with 3 girls to choose from. Of the three females, my little girl was the smallest and had the shortest hair. Since I chose the name Jade for the mother when we got her three years ago, I wanted to keep that name; thus I named my pup after her momma, Jade Aurora Borealis.

She is adjusting well and Timber adjusted quickly. His play was a bit rough at first, but he is learning her limits and she is learning to push right back! Baby Jade is a little spitfire and very spunky. She is very different from the way Timber was as a smaller puppy. She is a jumper, a climber and a mess-maker with the water dishes. Jade scales the baby gates and digs in all the water dishes; inside and outside! Between playing in the water and Timber biting her neck and back, she is usually soaked!

My mom loves the new pup and is glad that she has a "granddaughter" finally, even if it's a four-legged one. She will have to wait a while for a human granddaughter or grandson from me. LOL

As for my dad, he's a trooper. He really didn't want another dog in the house or yard...But he's a softie and loves both the dogs. I planned on having Jade live at someone elses house until I moved out, but my dad didn't like that idea and said she could stay here. I am looking for a place to move out for rental until the divorce goes through the courts so I can buy a place, but everytime I mention it, my dad says I have a place to He's a great dad, very supportive and flexible...but I need to move out and give him some relief and get these dogs out of his house and yard. When I do move, I'm going to hire a landscaper and housekeeper to come in and fix up what my dogs and I destroyed. :-) LOL

So tired...lots of changes for this little girl...
Relaxing in the backyard...

Adjusting to the new home...
The car ride home from Chico...July 12, 2009

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