Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Playing with my boys and Timber

With much improved health and a clear, warm day........
It was time to play!
Call me crazy, but just had to see how Timber did on the giant trampoline!
He's always too intrigued with the boys when they play on it....
Watching from the side or even underneath!!

He did great! He just loves wrestling with his boys, doesn't matter where!

My nephews....always wrestling and playing!
Timber scouts "his boys" coming out to play....Yeah!
I said smell the pretty flowers! Geez! He has to eat everything!

He's giving me a wet willy!....and trying to eat my earring!
That's my little man, always has to see what his mommy is doing!
These boys love "their dog"!
Their mom is saying how they need their own "big doggy"
Their rescue, Waffles the 12-pound Yorkie just doesn't care to play.
Nothing beats wrestling with a 45-pound puppy!

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