Thursday, January 22, 2009

Time with the girls

January 19, 2009
Weekend visit to Quincy
Finally, I made the plan to go see my cousin, Lisa and meet her new baby girl, Annie. Annie is almost 4 months old now and just as beautiful as her two older sisters. My cousin makes some cute kids! I got some one on one time with Annie before Rosemary and Lila came home from their weekend at their dad's house...then the silliness began...Rosemary will be 9 soon and Lila will be 7.
Annie...keeping up on her current events with the afternoon news
My cousin, Lisa, Annie and me
Annie is too cute...I couldn't choose just one picture to post!

Sisters...Rosemary, Annie and Lila....
couldn't get a straight face from any of them!
Lila loves that she is now a big sister too!
Playing around in the backyard...
Timber and Chase...played nonstop all weekend long!

The girls loved Timber...

Girls being girls...

Rosemary and me
Lila and me

Lila, a spitting image of her mother
Rosemary and Lila playing around...
Lila defiantly munching on some dirty ice!

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