Friday, January 30, 2009

First Snow

December 29, 2008
Timber's first visit to the snow!
Timber and I joined my boyfriend Royal and his dogs Joe and Tsavo up highway 50 past Placerville until we found the perfect spot for the dogs to play. As expected, Timber loved the snow and did well, better than expected. He kept right up with the big dogs and ran through the 2 - 3 foot snow with no problems.
All tuckered out after playing...

Royal and me
Kisses for Mommy

Catch the snowball Timber!

That's Joe, the German Rottweiler up front, Timber and Tsavo, the Rodesian Ridgeback in the back

Mamma and her "little man"

Whee!!! I love this white fluffy stuff!!!!

Timber's first step outside of the truck into the snow
The car ride up to the snow...

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