Monday, November 3, 2008

San Francisco Botanical Gardens

Since I arrived early to see my doc in SF, I decided to take some time to myself to explore and take some photographs. Last time I was in SF, I didn't get to take all the pics I would have liked to since I had the entire family in tow. . .they don't have the patience that I do for exploration, photography and simply wandering about enjoying the scenery! It's hard to share my views with 5 and 7 year old boys and my folks! :-)

I explored The San Francisco Botanical Garden in Golden Gate Park. I wish I had more time, but I spent a lot of time goofing around with the local "wildlife"! If you can call domesticated squirrels "wildlife"! You'll see what I mean with the pics...they aren't great, but the best I could get under the circumstances. I will for sure go back again, probably after I buy my new camera of which I covet and save for...until I had to pay the doctor in SF that is!!! *crossing fingers* I hope to have the money saved in the next 2 - 3 months.

*Hard to believe that all this exists in the midst of all the skyscrapers and concrete!*

"The Bully aka the food hog!" He was a mean little bastard! Guess you can't really blame him!
This poor little guy was getting bullied away from the stash of food!....So I grabbed some and tossed it his way! :-)

Cute, but also sad how they have no fear of humans...and it's our fault for feeding 'em! I'm guilty of it too! But they're so cute! I couldn't help myself!
Little buggers were crawling all over the strange guy who held the large bag of garlic-dusted peanuts! They thought I had some. . .maybe I do, maybe I don't!
Yes. . . I had some, thanks to the "squirrel man"! Didn't take a pic of him though, he and his strange woman friend wouldn't even take a pic for me, so I doubt they wanted to be a subject in my camera lens!

He was looking at me like I was Nuts! Maybe just a little... :-)

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