Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

This year for Thanksgiving, we had an early lunch at my brother's house. His wife, Chrissy had to work so we ate at noon. Chrissy invited Patryk's best friend, Mike and his family over. So, I got to play with a baby for Turkey Day! Yeah! Getting my baby fix! lol
Baby Tanya and me

My big bro, Jason and Tanya
Mike as "The Hulk", Christian, Tanya and Patryk (not sure what he was, but earlier he was "Venum" aka "Black Spiderman"

Saying good-bye to Mike, his mom Lana, his dad Luis and his baby sister, Tanya
Later that night, my cousin, Mike, his wife, Lindsay and their daughter Madison came over to visit. That was a nice suprise...been missing them and tried to convince them not to drive up to Calpine this weekend so they could meet my new Beau, Cesar. No luck...they're going up to get their Christmas tree!
Patryk and Madison keeping busy coloring

Momma Lindsay...worried Maddy would make a mess!
Maddy, quite the artist...very precise in her brush strokes!
Christian, getting his "project" set up

Bub, is spur of the moment suprise gift for Uncle Mike
Maddy wasn't thrilled with the idea of taking pictures...tired little lady.....
....but as soon as she realized she could see herself on the camera after we took the pics...she's was all smiles!

Patryk trying to sneak into the picture, but a couple seconds too late.....

....but he made it this time! What a bag of peanuts!

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