Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My big bro turned 31 years old?!

Well, my big brother, Jason turned 31 years old today. We went to Cocina Medina for dinner, his favorite food choice for celebrations. He had two margaritas and then the restaurant proceeded to give him two free shots of tequila! If you've never seen my bro drunk, you're missing out! If you thought he was a dorkis sober, you ain't seen nothin! :-) But you gotta love 'em!
My bro, Jason...taking his free shot of "ta-kill-ya"
Free shot #2 of tequila, thanks Cocina Medina for making my bro an even bigger dork!
Patryk, Papa and Christian

My mom, the sombrero thief and me

Ain't Pat a cutie?

Bub aka Christian showin' us his "horns"

Yes, these two are always like this! Well...except when they're getting on each other's nerves!

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Living Life as Best as I Can 我會努力的 said...

Nice to be together with family!!! Also can eat some Mexican food... I can't get anything like that here =(