Saturday, October 4, 2008

San Francisco and Cal Academy of Science 10/4/08

My folks, sister-in-law Chrissy, my two nephews Christian (7 yrs) and Patryk (5 yrs) and I went to the California Academy of Science in San Francisco today. The weather was perfection! This was the second weekend the museum has been open since they've been closed for the past 4 years to update. It was pure pandemonium! There were so many people there and way too many damn strollers! People, there just isn't enough room for it! Carry your kids or let them walk! Yeah, yeah...I agree strollers are a nice accessory, but damn! When you can't get to the bathroom because some fool is pushing a double-wide stroller with NO kids in it, one can get a little pissy! :-)

He looks wonder he's smiling!

Look at the paws on that Phew-ma* (inside joke reference to the Planet Earth Series)

A close-up of the African Hunting Dogs

Christian checking out the turtles and reptiles

Sorry Patryk, he won't take you very far!

*Above: If you look really hard, you can see the frog
*Below: A close-up, although not the best lighting..damn plexi-glass.

Chrissy and Pat

Whew! It didn't eat me or my mom!

Inside the 4-Story Rainforest

This guy matched my every move! Trying to intimidate, I suppose.

**Hard to believe these frogs are real, they looked like plastic toys until they moved!

Albino Alligator


The pure-anus*!! (piranhas for those of you not in the know! *another Planet Earth inside joke!)

This turtle was showing the people what he thought of being on display! Nice tush!

A gorgeous day in San Francisco

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