Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Valentines

One thing I did for Valentine's Day was spend the afternoon with my two furry Valentines, Timber and Jade. I took them on a late afternoon hike to Contra Loma where all the cows were out and about eating and competing for lady friends. (The males were fighting and talking up a storm while we were hiking, getting ready for mating season I gather, but I like to think that they were competing for a female for Valentine's Day lol)

The hike was perfect. Warm sun, cool breeze and fresh air. The dogs had a blast checking out the other dogs and their owners as well as the cows. It never fails, they always find a nasty puddle to get into and end up stinking like a pile of manure! They sure stunk up the Pilot on the way home and got the hose in the back yard as soon as we got home....I was pretty dirty too...and my shoes got the hose as well...these hiking boots I got are awesome! They truly are waterproof! Not a drop of water seeped through despite the pressure washing I gave them when they were still on me feet. :-)

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