Monday, January 25, 2010

Disorganized Visit

Sunday I drove up to see Aimee and her family for a visit and to drop off some things for her to attempt to lend her some of my video equipment fell through the cracks due to my equipment bag mysteriously lacking the supplies needed to do what we needed.

My job of searching through my boxes in the garage and in the storage unit will be long and frustrating. Over a year and a half after moving away from Chico, I'm still in limbo staying with my parents and it feels like most my life is still in storage or boxes buried in the garage. I have no desire to establish a studio in one of their spare rooms...that would further my permanence of living here. Yet, getting out on my own feels so far away....I'm hoping within the next 6 months. *fingers crossed*

But on to the point of this blog....
The visit to Aimee's was still worth while. I got to spend time with a great friend, enjoy her two beautiful children and since the weather was pretty harsh, driving up to the snow after the visit to play was out of the question. Thus, my pups got to run around her property a bit, then out on the patio while poor Onyx looked on through the window, unable to play rough and tumble with my crazy beasts. Aimee pulled out her camera and got a few shots while they were still enough to pose.

Jade and Timber, say thank you Auntie Aimee for the nice portraits.

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