Thursday, January 14, 2010

Baby Jade is 8 months old

Jade is 8 months old today. The time with her feels like it's going slower and she should be older. It has to be a combination of comparing her to Timber in size and temperment. Jade is so much different than Timber was when he was a puppy. She is still a handful and has done a number on the backyard.

She is also almost as big as Timber now. Timber is holding pretty steady at 70 pounds and Jade is about 65-70 pounds. Last time I weighed her she was 60 pounds and it's been several weeks. I will try to get her weighed sometime in the next few days, however, I picked her up then Timber and they felt about the same weight. Jade is also starting to lose her puppy fur, she is shedding a lot lately and the last grooming could have made a 5 lb dog!

Jade is still pretty hyper and impulsive, very much still a puppy. I have not been as dilgent with training like I was with Timber. The key is to separate them so I can work with her. However Timber is very much a people person, his people being Mommy! He really loves his Papa too. So, leaving him alone to work with her would lead to a lot of whining...what ever I do, I can't break him of that.

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