Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hiking mixed with a little training

I took the dogs over to Morgan Territory again for a hike after I left the Osteen Pumpkin Farm today. I decided to work a little on the commands for sledding/carting with them. Right now I'm getting them used to the words, "Gee" for right and "Ha" for left and "Hike" for them to "mush" so to speak.

Timber did most of the work when I had them help pull me up the hills, a few times Jade looked back to check something out but was jerked back to attention since they are attached together at their harnesses. I use one leash and then a "V" shaped attachment at the end that hooks to their collar or harness. I finally bought a new harness so they both have one now.

I also allowed them to run free off leash quite a bit. I'm really proud of how obedient they are when let off leash. They run far ahead of me, but when they loose sight of me, they turn around and run back to me to check in. If I whistle to them to return, they will come right back. I feel really fortunate to have such good dogs, many people with Huskies or Malamutes have trouble with recall and keeping their dogs from running off.

Since the rain last week, there was actually water in the ponds and creeks. They got so muddy and got right into the ponds in the dirty water! My car is filthy, well the blanket on the back seat mostly. I've been looking into getting a beat up truck or SUV for cheap to use when I take them out so I can save my little Civic from getting too much more beat up. Not to mention they are getting a little cramped in that backseat.

Jade is growing quickly and is about 47 pounds. She is almost as tall and long as Timber now. Timber is holding pretty steady and is about 69 pounds and he is pretty strong, yet still so gentle. I love my dogs, they are so much work, but give me so much in return.

A couple of dirty, wiped out dogs

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