Sunday, October 11, 2009

Happy Birthday, Timber!

My handsome, sweet boy Timber turned 1 year old today! I had planned on taking him somewhere special, like Point Isabel, the dog beach in SF or maybe a really long hike in Morgan Territory. However, as luck would have it, I have come down with a head cold accompanied by body aches and fever. Timber and Jade were stuck at home with me Friday and Saturday night since my friend who takes them out when I can't was working nights.

I felt so bad, I layered on the warm clothes and had my friend, Yuliana come out with me to the dog park in Brentwood. They got to play for a little over an hour and then after dropping their Auntie Yuliana off at her house, we went to "the treat store" aka Petco to get a special treat for Timber's special day.

It's nearly impossible to give one dog a treat and not the other, so I got them a special dinner that they could share; chicken with rice and vegetables from the cold section. Good Lord, I thought Jade was a pig about eating before! She ate that stuff up so fast, good thing I put her on one side of the baby gate and Timber on the other! She would have gotten her head bit off if she tried to get to his food, which he savored just a little more quickly than normal.

In addition, I saw an edible card at the check stand...wasn't sure what it was made of, but I figured, why not? He sure has no idea that it's his birthday, but who cares? I'm a silly mama of four-legged furry laugh all you want! I don't care! Ha ha! Timber had no idea what to do with the card, I figured out that it was made of rawhide...he had no interest at all....but Jade (as usual) was quick to steal it away!

Waiting for Auntie Yuliana to come out and hop in the car...

Are you winking at your mama?
Here, rip it open! (It's too much for him lol)
My boy and me (Papa had to hold the little brat back, she refused to give him any time with me alone!)

Patiently waiting for his special dinner to be prepared...
Timber is pouting...Jade is back there hogging his rawhide birthday card!

Do you think this is a look of guilt or ignorant bliss?
Finally, he stole it back!

Within about 30 minutes, he devoured it!

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