Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Morgan Territory

A missed opportunity to go to the Tamele festival in Sacramento led to a great afternoon hike in Morgan Territory with my friend, Nikki, her dog Murphy and her neice Reagan and nephew Terry....and of course my pups Timber and Jade. The hot weather we've been having was forgiving and it was cool, perfect for a hike....and with the storm coming in I was able to get some beautiful photos of the landscape and cloud formations. The dogs of course, were in heaven running loose through the trails and exploring all the smells from cows, coyotes and mountain lions. The kids had a blast looking for cow bones and trying to keep up with the dogs...poor Murphy had to stay on leash though...a bloodhound has a one-track mind. Surprisingly, I wasn't sore the following days, depsite the hills and piggy-back ride I gave Reagan. :-) Good times, we all can't wait to go again!

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