Friday, September 11, 2009

Bella Chiara Stella is 9 years old!

My sweet baby girl, Chiara Stella is 9 years old today. She was my saving grace 9 years ago when I adopted her from a home full of cats. My friend's mother had too many cats and Chiara was one of 6 new kittens covered in fleas needing a home. I fell in love with the little white fluff ball when I saw her and remember driving back from Oroville to my apartment in Chico in my friend's car. Chiara was so scared, she curled up inside my friend's sweatshirt sleeve! She was so tiny and sweet. Chiara Stella means "Bright Star" in Italian. I had chosen the name prior to even meeting her.

She really has been a good friend and companion to me. Even when she was still a kitten, she knew when I was sick or upset and would lay with me as if to console me and protect me. She is a chatterbox as many Siamese cats are and is still full of energy and spunk! As much as she wishes to go outside more, she is an indoor cat and that has kept her very clean and healthy. I expect to share many more years with her. She sleeps with me at night and can be found hiding under my bed, laying on my pillow above my head in the morning or at my feet. When ever I have a guest over, she has to be involved and demands attention. She is not shy and will gladly walk all over them as they lay on the bed. When I am on a phone call in my room, she demands my attention and talks constantly. She is quite the character.

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