Sunday, April 26, 2009

Visions of Maui

I've finally taken the time to post some of my favorite pics from my week vacation in Maui. I was so sad to leave, I really feel at home there. I believe that is where I belong and will one day make it so I can move there.

I need to save up some cash before I can make it happen, then do the job search thing as well as get some blood work done on Timber and Chiara so we can wait out the 4 month quarantine period here at home in Cali...I was pleased to find out that this is the way the quarantine works, as opposed to my previous understanding that I leave them somewhere in a crate for 4 months on the island and merely get to visit them during that waiting period.

I understand that they are in need of teachers over there. Another plan is for me to get my sign language interpreter certification, which I heard yesterday during a teacher conference at DVC that I can attain through DVC. Since the island is saturated with photographers and videographers, making money at interperting, teaching and the possibility of working at a horse stable is my best bet. So, I am thinking that moving there may be possible with in the next year or so....more to come on that!
View from my hotel room
Luau on Easter Sunday

Secluded beach near Kihei

Beach in Kehei

My first time snorkeling..just outside our hotel...
Yep, that's my white ass floating above the water!
But this time my ass isn't white, my bathing suit is!! lol

The best vacation gift a gal could get....
Seeing the most beautiful creature of the ocean, Honu
I saw about 7 of them, but this was the last shot in my disposible camera... time I will buy a waterproof encasing for my digital camera!
I'm crossing my fingers that the women that I snorkeled with got my e-mail from the front desk so they can send me the pics that they took of my swimming with my true love of the ocean!
Memories of the booze last night in paradise.
Jimmy Buffett, eat your heart out!

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