Tuesday, December 16, 2008

New family member....Timber my Husky/wolf pup!

Meet Timber
Born October 11, 2008, adopted December 13, 2008
weight 15 lbs.
December 16, 2008:
Timber's first visit to the Vet....good lil' patient isn't he?
He weighed 16.7 lbs
December 14, 2008:
Meeting my cousins Patyrk and Christian.
Patyrk wiped me out!

Pat adores Timber!

December 13, 2008:
First night at his new home

He's much happier driving to his new home in my lap!
December 13, 2008:
Timber isn't too happy about leaving his home in a cage!
This little guy was my early Christmas present from my special friend Cesar on SoCal...by far one of the best presents I could ever ask for!

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