Thursday, February 14, 2008

So what am I supposed to do here?

I'm bored and in between that stage of being tired, but not tired enough to fall asleep because my mind is still in overdrive. I was just playing around to see how this stuff works, don't really think I have anything interesting to talk about. Maybe I'll have something interesting to say after gettting the heck out of here for the weekend, uh...well for four days actually. Going to hang out with my sister-in-law and her two sons and my mom in the Bay area. Dad's going down south to see his ailing mother...
I think I have what I need packed. Knowing me, I won't get out of here when I want to...especially considering Jamie wants me to help him with his paperwork on the computer since he's anti-computer and somewhat computer illiterate...(someone was supposed to have me help him tonight, but didn't get his butt in gear before he crashed on the guess who has to stay later to help him in the morning?) :p
Yeah...better attempt some sleep so I don't do it while I'm driving on the 99! One of the most boring drives ever!!!

P.S. They really need some more interesting fonts here!!! I like Comic Sans!

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