Friday, July 16, 2010

Road trip to Oregon and Washington State

I had a great time seeing my friend, Pilar. It was like old times and I was so happy to see her after so many years of not seeing her. I enjoyed time spent at her house with her family and had a lot fun playing and goofing around with her kids.

Washington was nice too, although my former college roommate and I didn't get into downtown Seattle until Sunday, so many shops were closed for the day, not to mention it was July 4th. I missed the magic of Pike's Place in action, but enjoyed being there when things were calm so I could see and take pictures without feeling like I was a sardine. I was happy to see a big fireworks show in downtown Seattle, it's been a long time since I've gone to a show.

My one claim to fame in Seattle was a celebrity sighting...although I have no photo to prove it.  ;-)  While walking through the streets of Seattle, I glanced in a window of a cafe and did a double take. I exchanged a look with the actor, Ron Livingston from "Office Space" and HBO's "Band of Brothers". I was shocked to see him and wanted to badly to sneak a picture or meet him...however I pride myself on not interrupting or invading other's my only proof is my memory. No worries.  :-)

I did a lot of driving in a short time, but the trip was worth it.

***I'm having issues getting my slideshow to it's in the next took me a while to get it put together...I've been so busy with work and just too tired to deal with it...I'm not liking some of the changes made to Blogger and I'm not used to it...can't quit figure out  how to get it to do what I least the slide show is up....I'm such a perfectionist and it's hard to let go.  LOL

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