Monday, April 12, 2010

Camping in Santa Cruz

It's been a long time since I've gone camping...if memory serves me, the last time was the trip to Yellowstone almost 2 years ago...then memory isn't what it used to be... Ha Ha!

The original plan was to camp in Yosemite, which it's been way too long since I've been....probably the better part of a decade or more. The weather wasn't cooperative however, there was a layer of snow on the valley floor, not too friendly tent camping.

We opted to go to a spot near Santa Cruz that my family likes to visit frequently, although I've never been. It was chilly at night and the dogs and I were restless most the brother was nice enough to trade me a spot in the RV for the tent, so the dogs and I joined the family inside the RV for my second night camping.

I went to the beach with my folks and the dogs one day to let the dogs run...that was a quite the event. I let just Timber off leash and Jade was not having it and she nearly ripped my hand off to get away and follow him down the beach. She took me down once and I was so wet, I didn't bother to roll up my jeans.

This was Jade's first beach experience and she hates being without Timber. I was so busy managing the dogs, I didn't even get pictures and was too preoccupied to hand the camera off to my mom who was busy chatting with a woman on the beach. Oh well, at least the dogs got a good day of exercise in as did I get a workout....Hopefully next time I will get beach pictures.

One "first time" event for both pups was to try out pulling me on a cart. We rented a Quad-styled pedal bike and I hooked the dogs up to pull me around the camp ground. It went pretty well for a first time experience. They aren't too great at commands yet, so it was good the quad had a steering wheel. It wore the dogs out pretty well. I can't wait to figure out a design for a cart and have it built!
KOA Campground cabins
Jade enjoying the campground's Dog Run
They sure had a lot to look at...

Christian checking out his new cap gun he bought with his own money.
Patryk cooking up something in his head for his cap gun.

Papa is sitting there with something tasty....what a couple of beggars
Couple of worn out pups after a day at the beach...
Pre-storm clouds

Doing what they were born to do....PULL!!

Tired puppies from running and pulling...loaded up to go home....Uncle Ryan will be there when we get home to visit!

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