Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Last day of play....

I had two weeks off from work and hoped to get chores and errands done as well as go camping...

I did accomplish quite a bit, appointments, going to the DMV to renew my license and get a new picture in record time! Also getting up to see a couple friends for a visit which were long overdue... I got my half of the divorce papers signed and noterized, then dropped them off for him to do his half. *fingers crossed that he takes care of it ASAP and mails it back to me. I will then take them to the court and once they process it... it will be finalized and back dated to mid July. What a relief.

I didn't get to go camping like I had hoped. It's tough having time off when no one else does. However, I did run off to Clear Lake last Saturday night and hung out on a fishing boat with a couple friends and my pup. I took the highway through Calistoga and Napa, it's been a long time since I've been in the area. It was a gorgeous drive and I saw many wonderful photo opportunities... I plan on going back as soon as possible when I have a lot of time to explore and perhaps do some wine tasting.... perhaps that could be my vacation for my 30th birthday! (I am still trying to figure out what I'm going to do for that week I took off; Maui? Lake Tahoe? Napa Valley? Any suggestions? Donations!? haha!)

Then Sunday morning my friend, Timber and I drove over to Mendocino Lake and rode around in his friend's boat all day. I got pretty toasty, Timber unwillingly swam several times in the lake...all the way to the shore! You think he'd get the idea that being wet and swimming cools him off....but no. He ran around on shore like a crazy dog! He rubbed his head and body all over the rocks, chewed on branches and twigs, and taunted a rattlesnake! (He's lucky he didn't get bit!) I could just imagine his thoughts... "LAND!!!!!" :-)

I didn't get very adventurous with any wakeboarding like my friend, but I did willingly jump in the lake every chance I could get to cool off...a rare occurance for me since I don't like cold water...but the lake water was perfect!
My friend Tage
A wet, less than thrilled Timber...

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