Monday, May 18, 2009

Bittersweet News...

Jamie sent me a picture text message this morning regarding Jade, the dog we shared while we were married. I wanted to keep her in the divorce, but he would not allow it, much to my despair. When we first got her, we had plans to breed her a couple times, but she was not old enough until now. On June 22 she will be three years old.
While Jamie and I were still together, I had arranged for her a sire with a dog at the dog park who was also a wolf-hybrid mix. He followed through with this person and advised me that he would be breeding her soon. Despite knowing this, getting this message was a big surprise.
Jade gave birth to 10 puppies (they were only expecting 8 puppies), all healthy and loud according to Jamie. He says that she is a good mother and has "snapped back to her slim figure". He said he plans on selling 5 or 6 of the pups and will keep the rest to start a sled team.
Not being able to have Jade in the divorce was painful. After accepting the defeat, I decided it would be good to adopt a new dog. As you know, Timber was a wonderful gift from a special friend for Christmas.
Prior to finding Timber, I had hoped to adopt again from Jade's parents. I had called the family who owns her parents to find that a neighbor had shot and killed Jade's dad. I was devastated for them as well as myself. I have met many of their offspring from various litters and all the dogs had wonderful personalities.
I had decided that maybe later I could breed Timber with Jade's sister, Chico. My close friends in Huntington Beach has Chico and they planned on breeding her. It would be nice to have one of Timber's offspring so he would have a playmate. However, it would be even nicer to adopt one of Jade's female pups so Timber would have a companion and they could breed in the future. I am unsure as to if Jamie would even consider giving or even selling me a pup. In addition, I am not in the position to have a second dog since I'm not situated in my own place yet. Sometimes we can't get what we want...I will just have to keep working towards the goal and hope it all works out.
Here is my first "baby" Jade and her beautiful little pups

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